Two years ago, my life turned around. We brought home the greatest cat I have ever met. He never scratched or broke anything in the house. He only ever insisted that you love him.

One year ago, my life turned around. We lost him. I quit my job for a new one. Everything felt intimidating again.

Two months ago, my life turned around. I developed a palpitation in my heart and had trouble breathing in deeply.

The visit to the doctors office led to a heart monitor installation to my chest. Two weeks with this thing to tell me if something is life-threateningly wrong with my heart. Anxiety fuel.


The cryptocurrency market crashed Oh God.


Quarterly planning is happening in a different country and I will have to travel, shit.



I was always intimidated by yoga. Everyone who practices it seems to be like the exact opposite of me. There was no way I fit into the type that would go to these classes.

We did our first class. It was 60 minutes of posing in strange ways. And breathing. Why is the instructor telling me how to breathe?

This is silly.


A few weeks later, I can breathe deeply again. I rarely feel palpitations anymore. Everything is fine.

Turns out I just forgot to take the time to breathe.


Heart palpitations and dyspnea (air hunger) can be caused by stress and anxiety. If you ever experience palpitations or a sensation of not getting enough air when breathing in, please see a doctor.

Posted Jun 22 2018
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